community involvement

Our hypothesis is that a constructed wetland can cost-effectively remove pollutants, including pharmaceuticals and other emerging contaminants, from the wastewater stream. To test this hypothesis, we will regularly monitor the water that leaves the wetland and publish the results in scientific journals, but also in the Sewanee Mountain Messenger, on this website, through social media (Facebook and Twitter), and at community meetings. We hope that sharing the results of our monitoring with the public will help community members understand how exactly the wetland functions and how constructed wetlands can be used to more effectively clean municipal wastewater.

Additionally, we will host periodic field days and other events, inviting adult community members as well as elementary and high school classes to tour the facility. Furthermore, Sewanee faculty will teach a variety of courses that make use of the constructed wetland as a living laboratory.

To “kick off” the outreach campaign, an informational event was held at the constructed wetland on October 29, 2016.